Energy Security Issues

Energy security is a major issue in India today. With the country’s population and economy growing, energy demand has been increasing at an alarming rate. This has led to significant challenges for the Indian government in terms of providing reliable and affordable energy sources to its citizens.

The first challenge that needs addressing is India’s heavy dependence on coal-fired power plants for electricity generation, which accounts for around 70% of total electricity production in the country. Coal-fired power plants are highly polluting sources of energy which contribute significantly towards climate change due to their high levels of carbon dioxide emissions as well as other pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides released into air during burning process. To reduce these emissions, renewable energies like solar or wind should be given more priority over traditional fuels like coal .

The second challenge relates with rising oil import bills due largely from growing transportation sector demands where diesel & petrol remain primary fuel options despite being expensive resources imported from abroad. To curb this trend, electric mobility solutions need not only get encouraged but also incentivized by way off subsidies & tax cuts so people switch away from petroleum based vehicles toward low emission alternatives such hybrid cars or fully electric vehicles powered by clean source s such solar/wind etc.

Lastly access gaps between urban & rural areas remains one key issue hindering overall development when it comes achieving universal electrification goals across nation especially remote regions still lacking basic infrastructure facilities required connecting households with grid networks. Steps must be taken bridge these gaps through innovative technologies including Decentralized Autonomous Systems (DAS) wherein small scale micro grids operate independently without relying on larger central grids while simultaneously reducing transmission losses associated long distance transmissions lines running hundreds kilometres away main cities.

All said done, there no single solution tackling all three above mentioned problems but rather combination multiple strategies implemented together make real difference improving overall situation pertaining Energy Security Issues faced throughout entire Nation.

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