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Which came first

The Great Truth of Brahman.

Which came first – DNA or protein molecule?

Genetic information flows from DNA, in the nucleus of each cell, to RNA, which carries the information out of the nucleus into the body of the cell and uses the instructions encoded in it to produce proteins (which acts as enzymes and also provide the structural framework of cells). However, the duplication of DNA requires numerous enzymes that catalyze those reactions. And enzymes are proteins themselves—the end product of the information coded in DNA. In other words, proteins are required for DNA synthesis and DNA is required for protein synthesis. This has been the chicken and egg problem of life’s evolution from chemicals—“which came first—DNA or protein molecule?” Though there are various proposals, all these models still remain insufficient. Orgel has summarized them as, “ The precise events giving rise to the RNA world remain unclear. …..investigators have proposed many hypotheses, but evidence in favor of each of them is fragmentary at best.” ( A glimpse into the origins of life Scenario: A dialogue between TD Singh and Michael J Behe in GOD, INTELLIGENT DESIGN AND FINE – TUNING page 44)

Which came first –Mango fruit/seed or mango tree?
Everyone relishes mango fruit, mango juice and mango flavored ice cream etc., made from mango fruit. Mango fruit is produced by the mango tree. The mango tree is germinated from mango seed contained within mango fruit. In other words, mango seed is required to manifest mango tree and mango tree is required to produce mango fruit which contains mango seed. Now Mango fruit came first or mango tree first? Same way we see for all fruit trees, plants and also vegetable plants which produce seeds. Which came first --Seed or plant? Also, without attractive mango flavor no one will be attracted to savor the fruit. Who decided that flavor should be such and such? What made them to come up with such flavor? Also, how does mango tree know which flavor humans like or dislike? Like in rasa tatva there is main important mukhya rasa, vibhava, ………………………….add description from prem pradeep. Similarly there are varieties of mango. Same way in different fruits and vegetables. The unique flavor or taste associated with each fruit and vegetable is amazing. Also, how does a flowering plant flower during certain season and same species of flower plant located hundreds of miles also does during same period of time may be with few days difference. Is this flowering is communicated or built in some how or some other way. The flowering trees can not move or see it’s own kind which may be far away.

Which came first—Flower plant or flower plant branch?
Some flower plants do not have seeds. To get another plant the gardener cuts a branch and does plant (kasi in kannada). This kasi process develops in to a flower plant of the same kind. But this process requires flower plant to start with. We are back to the same situation which came first-- flower plant or flower plant branch? The symmetry of the leaf: Scientists agree that there are no two identical leaves in a plant or tree,
snow flakes ( what about previous year snow or next year snow……),
signatures of the same person (your Bank knows about it),
iris’s (of the same person either),
DNA( even twins have different DNA’s),
trees or plants
electrons of same quantum state within an atom ( what about in other atoms). In other words can we find an electron having same quantum state in two different atoms. , trajectory traversed by a gun shot by the same gun,
MAC address for the computers( each computer has different Media Access Control address) Id’s in a school or a factory or at any work place,
seat numbers in an airplane,
addresses for house or apartment (each house has different postal address), etc. Putting it the other way round is—Is there any two identical things in
  • an atom,
  • a molecule,
  • a protein,
  • a DNA,
  • a cell,
  • a human body,
  • a village,
  • a town,
  • a country,

the world and in the creation?
Let us know your answer or feelings or thoughts about it. By the way is there two identical thoughts?

In spite of this, consider a leaf of a plant. (insert a picture of a leaf here) Observe the symmetry. When we make a thing example, a pencil, a cup or a drawing or a painting of a leaf itself. We intuitively guide the paint brush equally as much as possible with the help of the eye to paint or draw a leaf (with symmetry in it). (Insert painting of a lea here) Question is: when the plant actually builds ( a growing process) a leaf does it see and make corrections or does it guided or else… makes almost a symmetrical leaf? There are so many leaves in a tree. Since there are no two identical leafs in that tree what does it tells about its building process of a leaf. No human can make exactly two identical things. (Even a Xerox copies of a painting will not be the same).

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